It seems everyone from celebrities to the common Joe on the streets has suddenly gone nuts about coconuts: specifically coconut oil.

This multipurpose “wonder” oil can’t be beat for its cooking, health and beauty prowess. But before you roll your eyes, be assured that by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll see why you need it in your grooming closet ASAP.

If you are not a fan of coconut oil, you can also check out the best pre shave oils here.

Now, for the manly man who wants to be well groomed and still look, and smell, like a man don’t worry as coconut oil will do that for you and more.

Let’s focus on the brilliant benefits on this oil for facial hair: whether you’re in favor of a fuzz, bristles, a five-o-clock shadow or a more Santa Claus-like look, we’ve got you covered.

A bit about coconut oil

Coconut oil is an edible oil extracted from the kernel of the coconut plant, native to tropic regions. Without going into too much detail, it has one of the highest concentration of healthy, naturally occurring saturated fat known to man and can be extracted by various processes.

Note that some of the extraction and refinement processes can render the extracted oil inedible to humans.

Commercially available coconut oil varieties include virgin oil (edible) and refined (inedible).

Why use it for your beard?

If you take some time to examine different beard grooming products like shaving creams, balms, oils and shampoos you’ll notice many brands contain coconut oil. There are reasons why.

It’s been noticed that coconut oil when applied to the hair slows down the balding process in males and a few women affected by the problem. It’s easy to apply without making a mess too.

In addition, users noticed faster, softer, easier-to-manage hair growth as well. Its high moisturizing content and natural composition means that it beats other artificially produced hair grooming products, a major plus for the health conscious.

When you consider the fact that hair, whether on the face or head, responds well and quickly to coconut oil, you’ll begin to understand why using coconut oil for beard maintenance is a win-win for every man.

What are the benefits of coconut oil for facial hair?

Let’s look at some of the excellent benefits of using coconut oil in your manly grooming routine.

– It keeps your hair and the skin around it strong

If you’re looking to grow your stubble to a more substantial length, then having a healthy chin and surrounding hair is vital. Consistent users of coconut oil have reported a huge increase in the healthy feeling and moisturization of their hair and face, which will only improve any growth opportunities (of course, growth abilities are not dependent on the individual, with a huge amount of it being genetic.)

Its damage control and revitalizing properties will give facial hair the “break” it needs to bulk out and add some body, thickness and length.

– It makes it softer

Long, tough hair is a nightmare and the longer your facial hair the trickier it is to maintain.

Apart from its oil base, this oil contains lauric acid, a substance proven to condition hair better and faster by penetrating the hair shaft and follicles effectively. As a direct result of this, the hair becomes softer, easier to comb or brush and generally more manageable.

If you’re worried about greasiness don’t be. It won’t leave those irritating greasy residue that get on your shirt collar like some common low end beard conditioners.

Split hair ends and cursing/swearing sessions when combing your sideburns and all become a past memory with consistent use.

– Facial hair looks shinier and healthier

Well moisturized hair looks shinier, full of life and healthier. Frequently applied coconut oil will keep your facial hair well moisturized, control wild hairs and give your face an overall tidier and smoother silhouette that will turn heads. You don’t want to keep pulling out a comb at intervals all through the day to control your beard do you?

Let’s face it, men who grow out their beard walk a thin line between looking powerful, confident and cool on one hand and looking unkempt, dirty and rough on the other hand.

If two equally untidy men are walking side-by-side, one with facial how and the other without, the man with the beard will usually be judged more unkempt than the shaved one.

Just a few seconds of care daily with the right oil will give you that powerful and accomplished look men so desire.

– It revitalizes the supporting skin too

As you apply it on your stubble, some of it will get on your facial skin. In fact, it’s advisable to apply a little on your face in a massaging motion. In addition to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, the oil will keep the hair follicles and the surrounding skin well hydrated without leaving your face too shiny.

– Coconut oil for shaving

Yes, coconut oil can be used for shaving and contouring too.

Use it to soften your hair and skin at the pre-shave stage before applying lather. If you don’t want to use any lathering product, no problem. Just apply a little more oil, wait a few minutes and use a razor. The softer hair will be easier to take off, trim or just shape. Note that this will work better for men who don’t have very thick or tough natural hair.

Once you’re through with your shave, the virgin coconut oil variant will come in very handy. It has a cooling, non-alcohol healing effect on your facial skin and with a nice, gentle scent too. You’ll feel the difference compared to when you were using chemical after shaves almost immediately.

– The Dreaded Itch

Picture this. You’ve been preparing for days for an important board meeting or some other public presentation. You had a quick shave in the morning and rushed out for the event, and as you take the stand, the skin around your chin and neck begins to itch. Not just itch, I’m talking take-an-iron-brush-and-scratch-yourself kind of itch (you get the picture).

Unfortunately, you are standing in front of an audience so you dare not scratch, not even a tiny, little discreet scratch allowed.

Or maybe you’re on a first date, Yikes!

Keeping the skin around that area well moisturized will soothe the dry skin you are prone to have after shaving and save you a session of watered eyes and embarrassment.

Coconut Oil for Beard Grooming Tips

Now that we’re all pumped and rearing to go get our coconut oil, here’s the right way to apply it and make the best use of it:

Using coconut oil is pretty simple.

Your hands should be clean and dry and so should your beard. PRO TIP! Remember to get yourself a good trimmer first. We have a list of the best ones here.

It will solidify a bit when kept in a cool place but that will not affect its effectiveness at all.

Using one of your fingers, take a medium-sized pea shaped scoop of the oil and gently rub it between your two palms to heat it up and melt it.

Apply it starting from the hair tips and moving your hands in a massaging motion towards your facial skin.

Feel free to apply it as often as you wish in small amounts. Luckily, it’s quickly absorbed into the hair and skin so it’s less likely to create a mess.

As explained earlier, also use it for the different stages of your shaving routine.

Final considerations

If you are still in doubt, take a trip online to major stores like Amazon and Target. You’ll see that the majority of the bestselling male grooming products and conditioners contain some level of coconut oil. The tens of thousands of user reviews don’t lie either.

I guess it’s safe to say so many men from around the world can’t be wrong about the same thing.

If you are into DIY, you could even make your own coconut oil yourself at home and get the whole family to join in the fun.

Coconut oil is proof once again that whoever said you can’t beat Mother Nature really knew what they were talking about!

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