We continue with #Choctoberfest2017 ! I am thrilled to be apart of a fantastic group of bloggers bringing amazing chocolate recipes this week! Today I bring Chocolate Coconut Cream Cheese Bundt Cake! I can’t thank the sponsors would of #Choctoberfest2017 enough! This recipe is possible thanks to our Gold Sponsor Imperial Sugar and Also our fabulous shout out sponsors, Rodelle. 

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I do a lot of scratch baking! My friends are always apologizing for using a boxed mix. I keep saying stop, I definitely use  box mixes a lot. I just don’t tell anyone! Sssh, don’t tell them, please! What I do though, is doctor up box cake recipes to look like a from scratch recipe! Thus we have today’s Chocolate Coconut Cream Cheese Bundt Cake! It is absolutely one of my most favorite no-brainer recipes and it is super delicious!

I don’t know many people who doesn’t love chocolate! I truly enjoy a tasty chocolate snack! Anyone who has been following along with me knows my philosophy, moderation! I believe in eating healthy and eating a well balanced variety of food!  That is what works wonderfully for me and my family! We also enjoy dessert! As I have often said, I am a cook who enjoys baking but cooking is way easier for me to bake also! I do love to scratch cook a dessert because of the satisfaction of finally figuring out the calculations of ingredients.  Realistically, I do not always have time for that, especially when I have a list of non-dessert that need to be created! Thus we have this amazingly delicious Chocolate Coconut Cream Cheese Bundt Cake!

Making Chocolate Coconut Cream Cheese Bundt Cake:

  • For a quickie dessert, this is a go-to using a Devil’s Food boxed cake mix.
  • If you have time, using your preferred chocolate cake recipe works well.
  • I use low-fat cream cheese to cut down on calories. Don’t use fat-free it does not bake well.
  • the cream cheese center is a yummy blend of cream cheese, chocolate chips, and unsweetened coconut, yum.

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